Window Grilles

Windows and doors are prime targets for potential intruders to force entry into your property, so adding that extra layer of security is vital. That’s why retractable security grilles for windows and doors are worth considering. They offer a more effective security solution than roller shutters, fixed bars and grilles, supplementing alarm systems as a deterrent.

FSE Security Systems works throughout the UK designing and installing a range of suitable window grilles intended to improve the security of your property’s most vulnerable points of entry without looking unsightly or out of place.

Security Window Grille

We supply a range of mesh, barred and ornamental grilles for the home or workplace which can be secured using our high quality locks or padlocks and easily removed for cleaning. The finishes can be customised to suit the style of your property, a service which is not provided by every supplier.

Sliding security grilles are also known as retractable or collapsible security grilles. They have a number of important features:

  • They are a physical barrier rather than just a deterrent
  • They are equally effective when premises are occupied
  • There are no maintenance costs
  • The grille is installed inside the window so the intruder has to risk detection by breaking glass, before tackling the security grille. Externally fitted roller shutters or grilles can be removed first which makes illegal entrance easier.
  • The grille is fixed close behind the window frame which restricts intruder access

Practicality and safety are important features to consider. The advantages are:

  • Retractable security grilles let in light allowing a clear view outside even when the grille is fully drawn
  • Windows can be open even though the grille is drawn and locked
  • They are maintenance free
  • They have an easy sliding action
  • There are no electric motors to breakdown and repair
  • Window grilles do not need planning permission


  • There are no ugly boxes and frames on the outside of your property
  • They fold back behind curtains/boxing when not in use
  • They are attractive with a traditional trellis design

Trellis Window Grille

The advantages of retractable security grilles over fixed bars and grilles are that the grilles can be quickly unlocked in the event of an emergency. This is an important factor to take into consideration because any form of physical security that cannot be unlocked is a potential death trap and should never be considered in any occupied building. This applies to both commercial and domestic properties.