Solar Power Quick Guide

Does It Really Work In The UK?

“YES! Solar power does work in our green and pleasant land.”
Solar panels collect energy whenever the sun is out, even on cloudy days.

Here Is How The Gate Opener Works

Step One
The solar panel collects energy from the sun
Step Two
This energy charges the battery inside the Control Box
Step Three
The battery is then used when the gate opener is operated

There are various ways to open the gate be it through the use of a wireless keyfob, digital keypad, intercom system or drop call telephone system. Each system can be adapted to your personal requirements.

Solar Panel Sizes

It is important to choose the right size solar panel to suit your gate usage. The more frequently the gate is opened and the more accessories used that drain power from the battery, will determine the size of the solar panel required.

10 Watt
Average cycles per day = 10/20
18 Watt
Average cycles per day = 20/60
28 Watt
Average cycles per day = 60/100

The Benefits Of Solar Power

Install it anywhere
No cables means it’s perfect for remote locations
It’s completely free
No electricity bills ever
Easy installation
No underground cables to lay

Environmental Benefits

  • Solar power is a viable & renewable source of energy – solar power is non-polluting.
  • Solar panels do not make any noise when doing their job
  • Save the world – it is no secret that solar energy is the way to a more sustainable future. Solar panels can produce 1 kw of solar energy to replace the equivalent of burning 170 pounds of coal.


  • Solar units are scalable – when you need more energy, simply add another solar panel
  • Solar Power can be installed ANYWHERE – useful in any remote location even where mains power is not available
  • When your solar panel is installed, you can pretty much forget about it, they require little maintenance and they last a long time
  • Solar Power still works though power cuts – battery back up ensures that power is stored

The Science Bit

Solar energy is the technology used to harness the sun’s energy, “photovoltaics” cells are semiconductor devices that directly convert sunlight into energy. A PV cell consists of two charged layers, in balance with a semi-conductive material (silicon). When the sunlight hits the cells, a reaction is created that knocks electrons loose from their atoms. As electrons flow through the cell, they generate electricity. A PV system simply requires daylight to generate electricity and so still generates power on cloudy days. Our gate systems use solar or mains power to charge a battery that is housed in the control box. When the solar option is used, the battery is topped up during daylight hours and will work during day & night. The energy efficient design makes it possible to operate 10 cycles per day for over 8 weeks without any sunshine at all. We have installed our solar powered automatic gate openers to gates of all sizes, in various locations throughout the UK. It really is the perfect solution for gate automation where mains power is not readily available.