Intruder Alarms

A professionally installed intruder alarm could make a tremendous difference to the security of your home or business. Recent studies suggest that homes protected by intruder alarms are 60{4cd15579b40d878822b9ec458b95a4f5219511513a1d766551c9aa8be4e819f8} less likely to be targeted by criminals and the noise generated by alarms is a proven deterrent to potential thieves. Having a professionally installed and maintained intruder alarm could also help reduce your insurance premiums. Most importantly, knowing that your home and your family are protected from intruders provides an immense sense of comfort and security.

FSE Security Systems Ltd are experts in the field of home and business security and offer a range of fixed wire and radio intruder alarms complete with the latest technology for both domestic and commercial premises. Our expert engineers also deliver professional installation, maintenance and monitoring services for your intruder alarms, meaning you’re fully covered against every eventuality.

Our intruder alarms are not only extremely safe and secure, but are easy to use and understand. And we can tailor our range of intruder alarm systems to make sure your precise needs are properly fulfilled.

We have bases in Nottingham and Leicester, but offer a nationwide service. and we are an NSI Gold registered firm, an accreditation which is only awarded to established companies who are able to demonstrate the highest levels of technical competence. In addition to this, we offer the following services:

  • A free site survey to ensure that our installation work meets British Standards BS8243, PD6662 and
    EN50131 accreditations
  • A full 24/7 call out service should a fault occur with your system
  • Maintenance and servicing of most types of intruder alarm equipment
  • Optional police assistance support
  • Key Holding service*

* As an option to you or your staff having to respond to an intruder alarm activation and possibly experiencing un-authorised persons on site, we can recommend a key holding service who would attend on your behalf and deal with any potential situations on site through your pre-arranged agreements and authorities. Please contact us for details or use our partner scheme run by ASGS Security.

You can also choose to have your system monitored by one of the following professional signalling devices:

  • DualCom GPRS which uses both mobile network and telephone paths to transmit alarm signals to ARC, (Alarm Receiving Centre), where the telephone lines are monitored. This means that your alarm works even if the telephone line has been cut.

CSL DualCom Intruder Alarm Monitoring

  • Redcare of which there are different variants depending on your requirements. Telephone lines are continuously monitored and the ARC is alerted if there is any interference to the line. A mobile network is used as a primary or secondary form of signalling depending on the variant. There is also an IP version available which can be linked into your local network. Encryption is provided to prevent substitution of equipment or emulation of line conditions.

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