Any object with a temperature above absolute zero emits a detectable amount of infra-red (IR) radiation. The higher an object’s temperature, the higher intensity of emitted IR. Taking advantage of the differences in IR intensity between objects, thermal cameras make the invisible IR “visible” in the form of heat zone images.

The cameras provide colour images and temperature scales, and sound alarms that can be set to go off when a certain temperature threshold is exceeded. These functions make it easy for an operator to instantly decide whether the subject needs to be referred for medical examination.

Our Solution

Our Fever Screening Solution comprises the latest thermal imaging camera and optional premium certified external shelter, with or without integrated Access Control.

It takes less than a second which makes it ideal for Fever Screening large groups of people.

Applications include Healthcare, Education, Factories, Airports, Ports, Stations, and other security check entrances for temporary control.

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View the Fever Screening With Thermal Cameras Datasheet.

Watch our short video about the features and benefits of our Fever Screening Solution using Thermal Imaging Cameras.